Making Room for What Truly Matters

“I need a mason jar, three bouncy balls and a bag of rice.” My husband’s words should have puzzled me, but they didn’t. He was preparing a visual for his youth group- something he has done often the past several years. My cabinets were full of mason jars; a bag of white rice lay buriedContinue reading “Making Room for What Truly Matters”

32 Years and Counting

  A loving God. A determined boy. A clueless girl. That’s how our union began. Though we had yet to utter a word to one another, he felt certain we were meant to be together. I had no clue. I simply thought he was cute and was thrilled when I learned he was interested inContinue reading “32 Years and Counting”

Moving through Loss with Ruth and Naomi

Their names were Naomi, Ruth, and Orpah; three strangers who became family. All three suffered great loss. All three faced an uncertain future. It must have been hard for Naomi to suggest that she complete her journey alone. It must have been hard for Orpah to say goodbye and stay behind. It must have beenContinue reading “Moving through Loss with Ruth and Naomi”

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