My Thoughts on Holly Varni’s Novel, On Moonberry Lake

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If you love stories with a small, charming hometown feel, you are sure to love On Moonberry Lake by Holly Varni.

Main Character

The story’s main character, Cora Matthews, finds herself back in the small town she hasn’t visited since abruptly leaving it as a child. Standing at her mother’s casket out of obligation and nothing more, she finds herself wondering, once again, about the mystery that tore her family apart all those years ago.

Reminded of her uncertain past and facing an even greater uncertainty about her future, she accepts the challenge to take up a one-year residency at her grandparent’s dilapidated lodge. Though Cora has no intention of putting down roots in Moonberry Lake, she can’t help but feel a growing attachment to the quirky, loveable townspeople weaving themselves into her life.

Glimmer of Hope

As the mystery of her past begins to unfold, she is surprised to uncover a subtle glimmer of hope awakening within her. If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to stop reading On Moonberry Lake until you know whether that hope is strong enough to keep Cora there.

Finding Family

Holly Varni did an excellent job moving Cora’s story from heartache and wandering to one of healing and belonging. On Moonberry Lake serves as a beautiful reminder that family can be found at the most unsuspecting times and in the most unusual ways.

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