My Thoughts on Letters from My Sister: A Novel

I was first drawn to this book by its title, Letters from my Sister. Maybe because I still love the idea of handwritten letters in an age where we seldom send or receive them. Maybe because I’ve always wished for a sister with whom to share silly secrets and sisterly conversations. Whatever the reason, I’m glad I chose to read this book by Valerie Fraser Luesse.

This story revolves around the lives of a wealthy, Alabama farming family. Although we meet all of the family, as well as others within the community, the main focus lands on the two sisters, Emmy and Callie. Being the only daughters in the family and only two years apart in age, the sisters share a tight bond and deep friendship. One that is apparent early in the book.

Emmy and Callie each have their own struggles to contend with and, while they both consider the other to be strong and resilient, neither of them truly recognizes the strength within themselves. This strength will prove helpful as tragedy unfolds for one sister, while the possibility of love presents itself to the other.

The story progresses from difficult situations and unexpected heartaches to the blooming of love and the pursuit of truth. As in real life, things aren’t always as they appear. Sometimes, we must summon the courage to search deep enough to uncover what’s hidden beneath. This is where Callie finds herself when her disturbing, fragmented memories collide with a secret carried by Emmy.

Will Callie’s belief in Emmy be justified, or will the truth behind Emmy’s secret change everything? No spoilers here! You’ll need to read the book for yourself to find out. 😉

It’s definitely worth the read!

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