Moments that Matter & Connecting with Friends, Issue 1

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Connection with friends


Connecting with Friends

Hello, friends! I’m currently sitting in a quiet hotel room. It’s chilly in here so my legs are wrapped in a blanket as I sip my coffee and think about moments that matter in life. I’ve missed the feel of the keyboard under my fingertips, but even more, I’ve missed connecting with you, my readers, my friends. 🧡

Moments that Matter

Life gets busy, doesn’t it? Regardless of where you are in life, there are always things to do, people to see, and places to go. The moments come and go so quickly. I’m noticing this more and more now that four of my five children are grown and my youngest is almost a teenager. I find myself asking, “How did we get here so fast?”

What I didn’t expect was to feel as busy now as I felt in the thick of raising little ones, and I’m noticing I am not alone in this. I can’t imagine ever being not busy, and that’s okay. It’s okay because I’m learning to be more selective in my busyness. 

I’ve learned that when I say yes to one thing, I’m automatically saying no to something else – even if I have no idea at the time what I might be saying no to. This realization has helped me to seriously consider the weight of my choices before making a commitment. I’m learning to ask myself, “Is this thing I’m about to say yes to important enough to justify a no to something else?” Though I don’t always get it right, it’s definitely a step in the right direction.

There are some opportunities I’ve found to be non-negotiable: schooling my youngest child, spending time with my children and grands, dating my husband (and tagging along on his business ventures every chance I get), caring for our parents, spending time in God’s word, chatting with friends (iron sharpens iron), and connecting with you through the writing of these words.

I wonder, what non-negotiables are present in your season of life?

These are the moments that matter. May we not lose sight of them.

My Recent Reads

Non-Fiction:  The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman
Do you ever read a book, hear a song, or listen to a podcast and think, “that must have been written for me?” That’s how I feel about The Next Right Thing. When we’re facing changes in life, it’s easy to wonder what our next step should be. This book not only addresses decision making, but also prompts you to think deeper about why you do what you do. You can read more about The Next Right Thing
Fiction:  The Mitford Years book series by Jan Karon
This is a series of 14 novels (yes, 14)! This is the longest series I’ve ever read, and I absolutely did not want it to end. To be clear, I didn’t actually read the books; I listened to the audio versions – in the car, while doing my makeup, walking on the treadmill, folding clothes. Basically, any quiet moment I could find. I can see me reading and/or listening to these again. They are that good! You can read more about this series @

Fiction (by yours truly):  Escape and Rescue 
If you can’t find time to read a series or simply prefer a quick read, please consider reading my book, Escape and Rescue 🧡 I would be so grateful if you’d read it and leave me a review.

Matters of Prayer

I covet your prayers as I prepare for another year of homeschooling. Though we’ve been at it a long time (this is year #24), this is only our second year with Classical Conversations. We’re excited (and a bit nervous) over all we’ll be covering. It’s the 7th grade year and it feels like we’ve hit the Big League! Our start date is July 24th.

And now friends, 
*How can I pray for you?
(Shoot me an email. I would love to hear from you!)

💕 Sheila

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