How It All Began

I’ve always loved words, both the reading and writing of them.  But somewhere along the way, I forgot this about myself.  That is, until difficult circumstances forced me to slow down and remember. This remembering came in waves. But the defining moment came while sitting in the quiet of a hospital room, staring at the same four walls, with nothing but time on my hands. Though there was time to read, my mind felt too cluttered and worried to focus on a storyline. But writing down the thoughts troubling my mind? That was something I could do; that was something I needed to do. And so began my writing journey. From journaling to blogging to the publishing of my first book . . . thank you for walking this path with me!


My Most Recent Post


From Big Goals to Full Surrender

I began the year struggling with what felt like a new purpose. With fresh goals in mind and a lofty to-do list in hand, you’d think I had it all figured out. Instead, confusion and overwhelm gripped my heart. There was so much to do! Who was I to think I could ever pull off …

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Escape and Rescue

After overhearing a disturbing conversation between her husband and his acquaintances, Sophia must acknowledge a truth she’s been dodging for some time: she and her children are no longer safe. Not in this home. Not with this man. The stakes are too high. The threats, too far-reaching. Will she ignore her fear and stay put until a clear plan of escape emerges? Or will she exercise what little faith she’s uncovered and make a run for it, praying she’ll find help along the way? Neither option soothes her troubled heart. Neither guarantees they’ll come out unscathed on the other side. And neither quiets her biggest fear of all –How will she ever escape with her life – and the lives of her children – intact?


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