Meet Sheila

About Me

Like you, this life has me wearing many titles. I’m a wife to Brad (36 years and counting), a mom to 5 wonderful blessings, and Mim to the sweetest grandbabies ever. I'm also a daughter, a sister, and a friend. Living in these roles has been both beautiful and challenging. Through it all, I’ve learned that faith, family and friendship are what truly matters. It is all about connection.  

Why I'm Here

I long to create deep connections with others. But I can’t do this without first connecting with my Father. A weak connection with God leads to weaker connections with people - and life is simply too short for weak connections.


Your life may not mirror mine, but chances are we share similar struggles and ponder the same questions. We long to become the women God designed us to be - women who love Him and desire to share His goodness with others, but it isn't easy. We mess up. Hearts get broken. Life gets tough. And when it does, we need encouragement and connection more than ever.

Friend, that’s where I hope to come in. Not with all the answers (I have much to learn myself), but with a sincere longing to walk beside you on this incredibly beautiful and difficult journey called life. Welcome! I'm so glad you're here!


Professional Bio

Sheila began her public writing journey shortly after joining the “grandma” club eight years ago, and recently released her debut novella, Escape and Rescue - a story of love, grace, and redemption (

Sheila is a wife, a mom, and a Mim. She has been married to her husband, Brad, for thirty-five years, and has had the privilege of homeschooling all five of their children.

When she’s not busy with her family or working on her latest book project, Sheila enjoys writing about the importance of connection - with God, our families, and our friendships. 

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