About Me and Why I’m Here

Wife to Brad. Mom to 5 wonderful blessings. Mim to the sweetest grandbabies ever.💙 

I can’t go a day without Jesus, family, and those special people who call me friend. Oh, and coffee — lots of coffee. 

Your life may not mirror mine and that’s okay. Chances are we still have plenty in common. Perhaps we share similar struggles or ponder many of the same questions. Most likely, we’re both busy and tired and in desperate need of a getaway – even a short one.

We find ourselves searching for meaningful connection. Desiring to learn and grow and become better versions of ourselves. Longing to make a difference before we leave this life. Hoping to spread a little sunshine along the way. All the while knowing it’s not easy.

We mess up. Hearts get broken. Life gets tough – and when it does, we begin to understand more fully how much we need our faith and how much we need one another.

That, sweet sister, is where I hope to come in. Not with all the answers (I have much to learn myself), but with a desire to walk alongside you on this incredibly beautiful and difficult journey called life. Welcome, friend! I’m so glad you’re here! 



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