My Thoughts on Second Time Around by Melody Carlson

Hi friends! I’ve been reading a book by an author new to me, and I’d love to share my thoughts with you. 

Second Time Around

In a world where second chances are much needed, who wouldn’t want to read a story about second chances? Melody Carlson’s latest novel, Second Time Around, had me from the first line: “Everyone moves on.” With my interest piqued, I couldn’t wait for the story to unfold.

From the nostalgia of her grandmother’s tourist shop to the challenge of recreating the space into something uniquely hers (all while dodging one upset after another), the storyline held my attention and begged me to keep reading.

Character Line-up

At first, I wasn’t certain I’d like the main character, Mallory Farrell. However, I soon realized that beyond her tough, business-like exterior, Mallory was a lovely lady who simply longed to find her place in life. Little did she know she would find her place in the small town of Portside, Oregon, where she had spent so many wonderful summers as a child.

The authentic sisterhood unveiled between the characters was like a breath of fresh air. These fictional friends caused me to reflect upon my own community of sisters. The way Sandi (a long-lost childhood friend), Lindsey (the daughter of Mallory’s old crush), Caroline (owner of the Chic Boutique), Kara (Mallory’s business partner), and Louisa (Mallory’s daughter) all showed up to help Mallory out of a big pinch made me appreciate my friends even more.

There were also a few not-so-pleasant characters who kept me on the edge of my seat. Would they win out and leave Mallory stuck in her lonely world again, or would Mallory end up with the prize? I won’t elaborate on the specifics, but I’m happy to report I was pleased with the ending. Not only did Mallory win, but she offered grace and kindness to those who’d been far from kind to her. There’s a lesson in there for all of us.


Of course, an element of romance was tastefully sprinkled throughout the book. I wasn’t sure which of the two potential suitors would end up capturing Mallory’s heart. Would it be Thomas, the local handyman who may or may not be the most reliable of contractors, or would it be Grayson, the handsome business owner who may or may not have ulterior motives in mind? It took a while, but the victor finally came to light.

Two Thumbs Up

Overall, I found the story well-written, the plot interesting, the characters engaging and relatable, and the setting charming. I give Second Time Around two thumbs-up. I’ll be reading more books by author, Melody Carlson.

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