When You’re the One Standing Alone

Sometimes it’s good to be on the other side of things. To go from the one surrounded by friends to the one standing alone without any. To shift from the one whose surroundings are familiar to the one who feels lost in the maze. This has been my experience lately. Joining a new church. Starting […]

Experiencing 5 Beautiful Gifts of Grace Found in Everyday Life

I recently submitted an article for a book I’m co-authoring on the topic of grace. Revisiting the beautiful gifts of God’s grace in our lives is good for us.  It’s refreshing to see how God uses our circumstances and surroundings to draw us to Him and to keep us privy to His goodness and grace. […]

Life’s Purpose: Pursuing A Lifetime of Little Stickers and Big Prayers

Placing my lawn chair in the far corner of the gymnasium, I settled in to watch my children compete in the last-day events of basketball camp. It was from this corner seat I began to ponder the connection between childhood achievement and the pursuit of life’s purpose.  The coaches created a simple sticker wall, clearly visible […]

A Unique Opportunity: Praying for the Adult Children in Your Life

I stood and watched as my adult children drove away, my heart whispering silent prayers on their behalf. I prayed continually while they were gone – for protection, for wisdom, for traveling grace. And when they returned home several days later, I hugged them tighter than I had in a long while. Then I uttered […]

When Sorrow Invades Your Happy Place

There I sat, alone in my favorite place – my happy place. A place where I could so easily get lost in my thoughts. Behind me, in the distance, I could glimpse home. Close enough to feel safe, yet far enough away to satisfy my craving for solitude. Never once did I consider the possibility […]


Prayer: Going to God on Behalf of Your Friends

My friend sent a quick text, asking for prayer over an urgent matter. I immediately texted her back – Praying now!  True to my word, I lifted a silent prayer toward heaven on her behalf, and I kept praying this same prayer over her throughout the day. She does the same for me.  You see, […]

Heartbroken and Wounded: Running to the One Who Heals Hearts and Bandages Wounds

My granddaughter placed her tiny arms around my neck. Feeling heartbroken and wounded, she leaned into me and declared, “Mim, you make all my boo-boo’s better.” Wiping away tears, along with kissing and bandaging childhood bumps and scrapes had earned me her trust – and this sweet accolade. Pulling her closer, I held her in […]

When Suffering Leads to Sharing: Vulnerability and the Power of Story

I don’t like pain and I don’t care to suffer. But that’s sometimes what I’m called to do. Like it or not. Ready or not. Such is life in a fallen world. Friend, if you’ve lived any time at all there’s no doubt you’ve also experienced your share of difficulties. Like it or not. Ready or […]

Sweet Fellowship is Found Smack Dab in the Middle of God’s Will

I learned a long time ago if God doesn’t want something for me, it’s best not to want it for myself. I learned this by trying to merge His will into my way of doing things. By doing so, I was missing out on His sweet fellowship. I would pray, asking for things to work […]



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