From Big Goals to Full Surrender

Goals Surrender

I began the year struggling with what felt like a new purpose. With fresh goals in mind and a lofty to-do list in hand, you’d think I had it all figured out. Instead, confusion and overwhelm gripped my heart.

There was so much to do! Who was I to think I could ever pull off such big goals? Where would I even begin? How could I ever hope to see these tasks to completion?

My thoughts filled with all the reasons I would never make it as a writer, but instead of setting everything aside in defeat, I chose to circle back to the source of my calling. I needed a fresh word from the Lord. Nothing else would do.

Choosing to rely less on the conflicting voices of the experts and more on the still, small voice of God, I began to pray a specific prayer. I asked God to show me which goal to pursue and where to exert my energy. As I prayed, I studied His word; I sought His answer. Those prayers led me to two important actions: choosing a focus verse and fully surrendering to His will.

Scripture as My Focus

Have you ever read the Bible and felt a verse or passage was meant especially for you? That’s what happened as I searched the Scripture for clarity and guidance over my year. God used a verse in Philippians to remind me that in the end, only one thing will truly matter: had I lived my life worthy of His goodness?

“Just one thing: As citizens of heaven, live your life worthy of the gospel of Christ.”  Philippians 1:27a

When I began to focus on living out that one truth rather than staring at the massive list of things I “should” be doing, peace began to settle over me. I became less overwhelmed by the do’s and don’ts of the industry and more content to follow His lead. I imagine Martha felt this peace, too, once she began to focus more on her relationship with Christ and less on all.the.things. 

Surrender as My Goal

Have you ever known deep inside that your calling would require more of you than you wanted to give? I’ve wrestled with those feelings. I’ve known (and feared) that my writing would lead to more than sitting at a keyboard, typing out words. I felt certain that one day I would stand before a group of women, delivering a message to them in person, not just on the other side of a computer screen.

Instead of embracing that possibility, I ignored it. The thought of becoming a writer-who-speaks absolutely terrified me. Surely God wouldn’t ask me to do something I felt so incapable of doing. Yet, there He was asking me to do the very thing I had always believed I could never do. In His great love, He allowed me to process this idea for a long while before setting it in motion. What a loving God we serve!

Friend, what is it God has been asking of you?
What dreams has He been whispering in your ear?
What bigger-than-you purpose has He been drawing you toward?

Seek Him. Pray with intent. Fully surrender.

Those first few steps may feel scary, but I promise, He can be trusted. 

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8 thoughts on “From Big Goals to Full Surrender”

  1. Sheila, I thoroughly enjoy your devotionals! You have a graceful way of expressing your witness and desire to write. Thanks for sharing all this with us. You leave me with lots to ponder. Keep up the good work. Your friend Russell Wills. 👍😀❤️🙏

    1. As silly as it may sound, I also needed this reminder today. God is so very good to meet us right where we are and to give us exactly what we need. 🧡

  2. Wonderful post! I’m am sitting here wondering about my future and how to go on from here. As I scroll through my emails, I find your page. It spoke it me. I need to stay in Gods word and allow him to show me the paths to follow. Thank You for letting God use you to share his message.

    1. Thank you, Andrea. You are a light to so many; I have no doubt God will continue to use you to bless others. I’ll be praying for you as you seek His will in the days ahead. 🧡

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