My Thoughts on Holly Varni’s Novel, On Moonberry Lake

If you love stories with a small, charming hometown feel, you are sure to love On Moonberry Lake by Holly Varni. Main Character The story’s main character, Cora Matthews, finds herself back in the small town she hasn’t visited since abruptly leaving it as a child. Standing at her mother’s casket out of obligation and […]

Book thoughts: Letters from My Sister

My Thoughts on Letters from My Sister: A Novel

I was first drawn to this book by its title, Letters from my Sister. Maybe because I still love the idea of handwritten letters in an age where we seldom send or receive them. Maybe because I’ve always wished for a sister with whom to share silly secrets and sisterly conversations. Whatever the reason, I’m […]

Moments that matter, Connecting with friends

Moments that Matter & Connecting with Friends, Issue 1

Moments that Matter * Connecting with Friends * One Cup at a Time   Connecting with Friends Hello, friends! I’m currently sitting in a quiet hotel room. It’s chilly in here so my legs are wrapped in a blanket as I sip my coffee and think about moments that matter in life. I’ve missed the […]

My Thoughts on Janine Rosche’s With Every Memory

Hey friends! I just finished reading With Every Memory by Janine Rosche. This was my first book to read by this author, and I’m looking forward to reading more of her work. If you’re looking for a book that tugs at your heart while keeping you guessing, this might be the one for you. The […]

My thoughts on Windswept Way by Irene Hannon

I recently read a book by an author unfamiliar to me and would love to share my thoughts with you. Windswept Way Irene Hannon’s Windswept Way did not disappoint. I’m typically good at figuring out where stories are headed, but Windswept Way kept me guessing with its twists and turns and mysterious connotations. It didn’t […]

My Thoughts on Second Time Around by Melody Carlson

Hi friends! I’ve been reading a book by an author new to me, and I’d love to share my thoughts with you.  Second Time Around In a world where second chances are much needed, who wouldn’t want to read a story about second chances? Melody Carlson’s latest novel, Second Time Around, had me from the […]

From Big Goals to Full Surrender

I began the year struggling with what felt like a new purpose. With fresh goals in mind and a lofty to-do list in hand, you’d think I had it all figured out. Instead, confusion and overwhelm gripped my heart. There was so much to do! Who was I to think I could ever pull off […]

Seeing Ourselves Through God's Eyes

Seeing Ourselves Through God’s Eyes

Seeing ourselves through God’s eyes rather than the lens of our past mistakes is a difficult undertaking. I don’t know if you’re like me, but I tend to be my own worst critic. I cheer others on, but beat myself up for similar mess-ups. Sophia, the main character in my book, Escape and Rescue, also struggles […]

The True and Tangible Love of God

Sophia, the main character in my book, Escape and Rescue, struggled with thoughts of insecurity. Though she didn’t realize it at the time, she had falsely assumed her past mistakes made her undeserving of love – especially God’s love. It was not until Sophia found herself in the most desperate of circumstances that her eyes […]



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