Prayer: Going to God on Behalf of Your Friends

My friend sent a quick text, asking for prayer over an urgent matter. I immediately texted her back – Praying now! 

True to my word, I lifted a silent prayer toward heaven on her behalf, and I kept praying this same prayer over her throughout the day.

She does the same for me. 

You see, somedays I’m that friend in need of prayer. It’s me sending out the SOS signals when trouble refuses to leave me alone. It’s me holding up my hand, asking for help with anxiety or depression or sometimes just the stinky attitude I can’t seem to shake. It’s me opening my heart – flaws and all – to a few close friends, trusting them to intercede in prayer for me

When our heartaches reach monumental heights, threatening to crush us at any moment, it is there we often glimpse the heart of true friendship. What a blessing it is to have friends willing to trudge through the hard places with us. What an even greater blessing when those same friends marinate us in prayer along the way.  

These precious friends will not always have the answers we seek. And they certainly cannot fix what is broken in our lives, as much as they’d like to. But they can – and they will – pray for us.  And their prayers are always exactly what we need.




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