Exchanging Our Worries for God’s Peace

I pulled the bedspread back, fluffed my pillow and collapsed into bed with a body as tired as my heart was heavy.  My family had recently experienced a couple of close calls, the latest one still fresh on my mind. Though I felt thankful things had turned out well, my mind parked itself in aContinue reading “Exchanging Our Worries for God’s Peace”

Making Room for What Truly Matters

“I need a mason jar, three bouncy balls and a bag of rice.” My husband’s words should have puzzled me, but they didn’t. He was preparing a visual for his youth group- something he has done often the past several years. My cabinets were full of mason jars; a bag of white rice lay buriedContinue reading “Making Room for What Truly Matters”

Standing at the Crossroad

  Up until today, I would describe my journey-to-better as exciting. I’ve eaten better – and written more – this past couple of weeks than I have in a long while. It’s felt good knowing I am finally doing something to help myself get back on track with both my eating and my call toContinue reading “Standing at the Crossroad”

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