Standing at the Crossroad

  Up until today, I would describe my journey-to-better as exciting. I’ve eaten better – and written more – this past couple of weeks than I have in a long while. It’s felt good knowing I am finally doing something to help myself get back on track with both my eating and my call to […]


When Sticking Together Makes All The Difference

We’re on a journey. A passage from one corner of life to another. Leaving behind the mindset of defeat in search of something better. For me, this journey points to better health. To victory over that which has held me captive far too long. It’s also a journey to obedience. To following the call God […]


Finding the Will to Try Again

One week into the new year and I’m already lagging behind. We started school back this past Monday, albeit reluctantly. Today, the kids begin their second semester of Homeschool Academy, setting out to tackle what’s left of this school year. As we settle in to do just that, I am reminded there are other things […]


If We Were Having Coffee Today

Relaxing in a quaint little coffee shop, hands cupping a mug of fancy coffee, enjoying conversation with a treasured friend. This scenario sits at the top of my favorite-things-to-do list.  I love everything about it.  The coffee, the company, and the cozy climate of the shop. If other things weren’t competing for my time, I’d […]


Living a Life of Belonging

I stood behind the heavy, dark doors wondering what awaited me on the other side. Tossing up a silent prayer, I sheepishly stepped into the crowded room. Would I recognize any of the faces staring back at me? Would I be offered a seat? Would conversations come easily or would they feel staged and awkward? […]


32 Years and Counting

  A loving God. A determined boy. A clueless girl. That’s how our union began. Though we had yet to utter a word to one another, he felt certain we were meant to be together. I had no clue. I simply thought he was cute and was thrilled when I learned he was interested in […]


When We Feel Like Running Away

  Sometimes I feel like running away. Away from dirty dishes. Piles of laundry. Full schedules. Late nights and early mornings. Away from difficult people. From unfair expectations. From the hardest parts of my day. Yes, I sometimes wish I could escape all the not-so-fun, wearing-me-out, breaking-my-heart part of life. And I wonder, do you […]


When Our Hearts Run Dry, part 2

“If allowed, life’s circumstances will empty us, rendering us incapable of living fully as God intended.  But if we’re paying attention, we will notice when trouble is brewing. We will recognize when our behavior indicates we are nearing empty. And then, in that moment, we realize the choice becomes ours. We decide whether or not […]


Pay Attention, Pause and Pray

I awaken early. Thoughts of the day fill my mind even before I slide out of bed. Lord, thank you for this day. For the sweet man sleeping soundly at my side. For my children, still safely tucked in their beds. For the peace that is ours in this quiet moment before the world awakens […]



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