When Sticking Together Makes All The Difference

We’re on a journey. A passage from one corner of life to another. Leaving behind the mindset of defeat in search of something better.

For me, this journey points to better health. To victory over that which has held me captive far too long. It’s also a journey to obedience. To following the call God placed on my heart so long ago  – the call to write.

Yes, this is my journey. But it’s also yours. This is our journey. The one transforming us into the women God called us to be; into living the life God set out for us to live.

Friend, I envision the two of us walking shoulder to shoulder down a well-worn path. Sometimes the ground beneath our feet is smooth and clear; other times it’s rocky and covered in debris.

Some days elegant rays of light dance through the treetops, lighting the trail in extraordinary ways. Other days the walkway is dark and dreary. Imposing shadows bend low, intent on steering us any way but the right way.

Though this trek is difficult at times, it’s okay – because we’re together. And together makes us brave. It boosts our confidence. It helps us find the will to stay.

Are we willing to join forces, completing that which we’ve been unable to do on our own? Are we willing to try again? No matter how difficult the journey. No matter how many the losses. No matter how great the failures.

Are we willing to pick one another up and set out again?

I hope so. You and me, along with this friend and that friend. A community of women walking side by side toward victory. One small win at a time.

Friend, will you join me on my journey? Will you invite others to join yours?


Challenge: Name one or two areas of your life that need improving. (I shared two of mine with you in a previous post. Remember, yours may look completely different than mine, and that’s perfectly alright.)

Questions to consider: What bad habits have taken root in your life? What good habits can be implemented to spur you and others on to victory?

Scripture to ponder:  “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Psalm 32:8 NIV

Lord, we know we are loved by You just as we are. Yet, this life we’re living isn’t Your best for us. Somewhere along the way, we’ve settled for lesser things. We’ve chosen ways contrary to the life You had in mind for us. So many issues keep tripping us up, Lord. Help us to look to You. Show us and teach us the way we should go – and send us others willing to go with us. 

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