When You’re Tired of Driving Around in Circles

I sighed as I made the loop over the interstate heading in the opposite direction. I had made a wrong turn. Again. I do this so often I’m no longer surprised by it, but I’m always bothered by it. It causes me to feel stupid, to hurl hurtful accusations at myself. Why do you have no sense of direction? How could you not know which way to turn when you’ve been this same route fifty times? Yet, here I am. Missing familiar turns. Ignoring my instincts. Always driving around in circles.

It occurs to me that life is much the same way. Uncertain paths lie ahead of us. We may have an idea as to where to go. We may know something of the destination we need to reach. But we can’t seem to get there without first driving in circles. Without doubting our abilities. Without being down on ourselves for not already having it all figured out.

Because I’m directionally challenged, the days of no GPS were awful for me. I’m thankful I can now ask Siri for help when I’m unsure of my way. Most of the time, she gets me where I’m going without an issue. But there are times when even Siri gets it wrong and, once again, I’m off track. Once again, I’ve lost my way.  

Thankfully, it’s not necessary to rely on Siri when navigating more pressing life issues. You see, we’re blessed with a much better alternative. We’re able to communicate with One who always knows the best route for us. One who never leads us astray. If only we’ll go to Him for help when plotting our journeys rather than waiting until we find ourselves completely off course.

Oh friend, God is faithful to lead us. But are we willing to be led? Are we willing to seek His guidance? Willing to listen for His response? Willing to trust Him, even when the route seems questionable? Willing to follow, regardless of where the path might lead?

I wonder, friend, have you ever lost your way? Have the voices and influences you’ve listened to led you down correct paths or down paths you were never meant to travel? Could it be you’ve been driving around in circles, stuck on a hamster wheel you’d rather not be on? If so, may I encourage you to circle back around? To identify where you got off track. To pick up His word and sit quietly, asking Him to reveal the path you should take.

And do you know what’s amazing about it? When we begin to follow His lead, the path He’s designed for us begins to illuminate. We can trust that He will lead us the right way. No more going in circles. Instead, we’ll be moving forward with confidence, knowing we are exactly where we’re supposed to be.

And the best part?  He is with us. Always. With the passing of each new mile  marker, He is present. As we encounter every obstacle, detour and curve, His presence remains. He is there, always showing us which way to go.

Lord, as we seek You, help us to not miss the beautiful path you’ve set before us.


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