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With the Thanksgiving holiday only a few days away, I’m curious if you’re doing as I am.  I’m scrambling about trying to decide what to cook and which ingredients I should add to my already long grocery list.  And then there’s nailing down the best time to avoid the crowd of people doing exactly what I’m doing, embarking on the dreaded shopping trip.  All to celebrate a special day with special people. A day when most of us eat way too many carbohydrates, leading us to desperately need a nap afterwards.

If you were eating Thanksgiving Dinner at my house this year, you would be served our traditional holiday staples: ham, turkey and dressing, broccoli cheese casserole, and baked beans.  You would also notice the sweet potato casserole prepared by my newly married daughter. I can’t wait to taste it!  Of course, there would be plenty of desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.  Desserts such as brownie bottom cheesecake (my husband’s all-time favorite), coconut crème pie for my dad, and a pumpkin cheesecake we’ve never made before since it’s always fun to try something new.

After completely stuffing ourselves, some of us will probably give in to that much needed nap, while others will gather around the table for a friendly little round of game-playing. We will settle on one of our favorites, perhaps Monopoly, Chickenfoot, Yahtzee, or Farkle, and we will spend some wonderful time together. As a family. On Thanksgiving Day.  Oh, how I love that.

As I think about what this holiday means to me, I can’t help but wonder what your Thanksgiving Day will look like.  Will you be surrounded by immediate family, extended family, or by friends who equal family to you?  Will you be the one serving dinner, or will you be the guest?  Will you partake in traditional Thanksgiving food, or will you step aside and introduce something completely different?

The big question is this:  Will you truly enjoy your day with those precious people you share it with?   And will you be thankful? Thankful despite hardship.  Thankful even though all is not good and perfect. Thankful for a holiday that reminds us to slow down, to reflect on our lives. Thankful for another day to love, laugh, and make memories with those we love.

So, my friend, what’s on the menu for your Thanksgiving Day?


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1 thought on “Thanksgiving: the way it looks”

  1. Beautifully written Sheila. “Thankful despite hardship. Thankful even though all is not good and perfect.” I was just thinking yesterday how last Thanksgiving and this one are so different since Mom had her stroke, but how very blessed I am that she is still here. Feeling so very thankful. 🙂

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