My Favorite Things

Often times we are so caught up in our daily tasks that we fail  to notice the blessings all around us.  Today I’m choosing to slow down and ponder  what it is  that makes my life special.  Some are little things.  Some are much deeper such as my relationships.  Together, they  bring  happiness and blessing to the gloomiest of days.  What about you, my friend?   What  favorite things will you notice along your path today?



My Favorite Things …


A tasty cup of fancy coffee.

A good book, with a happy ending (and yes, my Bible fits right in)

A warm blanket on a cool day (as I sip my fancy coffee and read my good book).

A peaceful morning.

My older kids choosing to spend time with their younger siblings (absolutely priceless to this momma).

Handmade gifts.

An unexpected hug.

Good news.

Conversations with a trusted friend.

Long naps.

Beach vacations.

Family time.

Date nights.

Proud momma moments.

Flea markets and the bargains I find there.

A clean house (though I seldom have one).

Fresh flowers.

Holding hands with my hubby (yes, we still do!).

Family traditions and memories that make us a family.


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2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things”

  1. We take for granted so many things in our lives by which we lose so many of the biggest of blessings. For me, it’s the laughter of my children playing, the best of friend talks with my teenage daughter, stories that reveal the selfless sacrifices of ordinary people, the deep conversations my husband and I share, an answered prayer, the living Word of my saviour, the days my family allows me to sleep in, and this little thing known as hope.

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