Meant for Community, Not Quarantine

I awakened to a hint of light outside my bedroom window. Had I really slept all night? I reached for my cell phone to check the time – 6:18 a.m. Stretching my arms toward the ceiling, I soaked in the goodness of a full night’s slumber and whispered a prayer of thanks.

Living life sheltered-in-place has been challenging – even for this I’d-rather-be-home-with-my-family-and-books kind of girl. I recently shared with my husband how distant and detached I’ve felt.

I wonder, friend, if you’ve felt it too.

We’re stuck in our homes with only ourselves and a sampling of our people. Isolated and hidden away from all who live outside these four walls. Tack on the worries, doubts and plain hardness of life and we find ourselves feeling short-changed on intimacy. Life isn’t supposed to be this way.

We are a people meant to live in community, not quarantine. A people made to love, to serve and to share in the lives of others. While we can experience some version of this in quarantine, it doesn’t compare to the face to face interactions our hearts desire.

So I began thinking …. Why was I able to sleep peacefully last night and not so many others? What specific things led up to such a good night’s sleep?

  • A heartfelt conversation with my husband while sharing a meal in the car.
  • Spontaneous outbursts of laughter with my children.
  • An unexpected gift from a dear friend.
  • Focusing my mind on a simple, yet powerful bible verse denouncing the fear building up in my heart.

Each a soothing balm for my anxious heart. All small doses, but when combined together created an ideal atmosphere for rest —

Closeness. Connection. Community. The presence – or absence – of which make such a difference – both in and out of quarantine.

And though restrictions are being lifted, it may be awhile before all is clear. We’re told it’s best to move slowly, to not risk compromising the precautions taken this past couple of months. Logistically, this makes sense.

But I, for one, can’t wait to gather together and hug tightly those I’ve missed. To shake hands and bump shoulders and sit close once again.

So friends, with much hope and anticipation, let’s enter into these next few weeks, looking forward to experiencing the level of closeness, connection and community we’re accustomed to.

But until that day arrives, let’s keep connecting as best we can. Making small deposits into the lives of those we love and miss. We’ll all rest better for it.

How will you establish closeness and connection with those you can’t see in person today, and with those you can? How will you create community in the midst of your quarantine? What are you looking forward to most after quarantine?

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