Learning to Trust Like Sarah

He calls to me. Once, then twice. Possibly more. Okay, okay, God. I’m listening now. Yes, I know. I’ve messed up. I said something I shouldn’t have said; did something I shouldn’t have done; ran ahead of You when I should have waited; taken matters into my own hands. Again.

I think Sarah struggled much the same way. She reminds me of myself in years past – sometimes in present years as well. Quick to act. Slow to trust. Wanting so badly to see my dreams fulfilled. Unwilling to wait. Determined to make things happen as I deem they should.

Friend, have you ever been in that place of waiting? Can you relate to Sarah’s plight? If we’re being honest, we’ve likely all experienced our own “Sarah” moments.

When we do, I wonder how we must look to God. I picture Him standing near, hand over His face, head moving back and forth in disbelief – “How do they still not get this?” Yet, He knows exactly how we don’t get it, and He loves us still – in spite of our sinful nature.

God knows better than anyone that we’re a definite work in progress. Some days we do better than others. Some days we blow it completely. Oh, how He desires that we trust Him, that we follow the path He so carefully lays out before us! Yet He knows – like Sarah – many times we’ll choose poorly, many times we’ll fall short.

When we allow our own selfish desires to crowd out His goodness, it doesn’t take long for our ugliness to show. Insisting that things go our way always lands us in a heap of trouble. Had Sarah listened to Him, had she believed Him, had she waited on Him, things would have been much better for her and her household. I find that true in my own life as well.

The wonderful thing is God doesn’t need our obedience for His plans to succeed – just as He didn’t need Sarah’s. But how blessed we are when we get on board with His will! Our obedience will always result in blessing.  Knowing Him better. Trusting Him more. Experiencing His grace firsthand. And so very privileged to play a tiny part in His great plan.

Friends, may we learn from Sarah. May we recall her story when we’re faced with our own season of waiting. May we never forget how God kept His promise (which blessed us as well as her). And through her story and others like it, may we come to trust that God will do what He says He will do. In His timing. In His way. But always, always faithful.

The Lord visited Sarah as he had said, and the Lord did to Sarah as he had promised.   Genesis 21:1


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