If I Were Having Coffee with You Today

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One of my absolute favorite things is having coffee with a good friend at a local coffee shop.  I love everything about it.  The coffee, the company, and the cozy climate of the shop.  I could sit for hours catching up on the latest news, laughing together, encouraging one another, sharing burdens, and celebrating successes.  Yes, that would definitely be the high-point of my day.

If you were that friend and we were having coffee today, I would tell you how happy I am to be here with you. The opportunities to gather like this are few and far between.  Our days are so saturated with responsibility that the nurturing of our friendships is often pushed aside. Yet they are so important.

So believe me when I express my gratitude for you, and for this uninterrupted time to sit together and unwind over a cup of coffee. And if I’m a little too talkative and excited as we take our seats, please don’t be concerned.  I may need a sip or two from my cup, a moment to take a few deep breaths, and time to slowly transition into sitting mode.  I think you’ll understand.

If I were having coffee with you today, I would tell you how I’ve barely began Christmas shopping.  And that the mere thought of pulling decorations from the attic, sorting them out, and decorating my house tires me out.  I would tell you I think I’ve lost my desire to decorate, and ask you how I might get that spark back, or how to at least create some simple form of decorating that would delight my children and require only minimal effort on my part.  I would bounce ideas off you and wonder aloud how much I should spend on gifts this year.  And I would be relieved knowing you don’t think any less of me for feeling the way I do.

If I were having coffee with you today, I would ask about you.  I would inquire as to how things are going – your marriage, your children, your work, your daily grind.  Are you happy? Stressed? At peace in some areas? Frustrated in others?  I would encourage you to keep plugging along, trusting that there is purpose in every hard situation you face. I would take to heart your struggles, and make a mental note to pray for you, to pray you through every single one of them.  Because you’re my friend, and God caused our paths to cross for a reason.  Perhaps this fulfills one small part of that reason … you and me having coffee today.


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1 thought on “If I Were Having Coffee with You Today”

  1. I don’t even like coffee, but this makes me want to stop right now and go to Starbucks with you! Instead, I’m taking a deep breath, praying for you, and smiling at the thought of your friendship. 🙂

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