Grateful for the Invite

I slipped my feet into one of my husband’s full-body camo suits, pulled it up over my shoulders and zipped it. Two pairs of socks and gloves later, I headed out the door for a walk in the snow. This was not typical behavior for me.

My idea of enjoying winter weather involves sitting in the warmth of my home, watching the snow cascade to the ground through tightly closed windows. All the while sipping a frothy, steamy cup of flavored coffee.

My husband and two youngest children walk to the pond with our two young pups almost daily. This little adventure allows the pups to run and play and feel free, while giving my husband and children the joy of watching them do so. So even when a foot of snow covers the ground and temperatures drop below freezing, their trek to the pond isn’t deterred for long.

And that’s what landed me in my husband’s camo yesterday.

I had not planned to wear it. In fact, I don’t recall having ever worn it. Not in our thirty-three years of marriage; probably not before. I’m just not a camo girl – unless it’s pink camo, and then only maybe. But there I was, wearing camo and trudging through snow that stood well over a foot high. What was I thinking?

I followed my husband and kids until we reached the snow-and-ice-covered pond. Snowballs sailed through the air. The pups ran in circles, tackling one another and chasing the kids they claimed as their own.

I laughed at the sight of it all. I felt grateful my husband and children had asked me to join them, and grateful I had accepted (albeit reluctantly).

The cool air was refreshing.
The winter wonderland scenes, amazing.

But do you know what struck me as best of all? The invite.

Being invited into this special, yet ordinary space typically shared by a dad, his children and two big, rambunctious pups.

You see, the real invite wasn’t about braving the cold or wading through knee-deep snow. It was about spending time together. Sharing life together. Doing things together we wouldn’t necessarily choose to do on our own. 

All because those who are asking are worth it.

So even though there’s no way to accept every invite, let’s make it a point to join in where we can. Who knows, we might find some unexpected joy along the way. Much like I did yesterday, camo and all. 

I snapped a few pictures to help me remember . . .

The beauty of a winter wonderland kind of day.




Some of the people who make going out in the cold worth it.

The crazy, sweet, rowdy pups who give us reason to get out of the house.

And then there’s me. The wife and mom who sometimes lets other things get in the way of the best things. But not this time.

Friend, what best thing will you choose today?

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