Tiny Socks: Proof that our Children are Watching

I stepped into my closet and chuckled. My almost two-year old had removed his tiny socks, carried them to my closet, and stuck them inside my shoes. It was something I had been doing for a while, placing tiny socks inside tiny shoes for safekeeping. It didn’t matter that I had never told him to […]

Lessons Learned by Walking the Path of Heartache

Why is this happening? God, why don’t you do something? Why have you left us to fend for ourselves? In one form or another, these are questions I’ve asked during difficult times in my life. Times when it seems I’m unable to catch my breath or brace myself before another heartache hits. Like the hard […]


A Difficult Diagnosis Mingled with Exciting News

Hello, friends! After weeks of preparing for surgery, enduring surgery, and slowly recovering from surgery, it’s so good to be back at my desk with fingers on the keyboard again. I’ve missed you and can’t wait to share some exciting news with you! But first, allow me to get you up to speed on my […]


Holding on to Hope in the New Year

By the time you read this, a new year will have stepped onto the scene. Some will rush into it, admiring its promise of sparkling new beginnings and fresh starts. Others will enter with trepidation, aware of the hardships and adversity awaiting them on the path ahead. Whether you’re entering this year with expectation, uncertainty or […]


How to Find the Best Gift Ever

This whole thing about gift-giving gets me so tangled up. I love to give gifts. And yes, I enjoy receiving them too. But the Christmas rush can feel overwhelming. If left unattended, it can rob us of the joy found in the giving and receiving of gifts. I ponder my own Christmas shopping list, looking […]


When You Uncover the Gift of True Friendship

Her shirt caught my attention. It was a simple shirt, but printed on its front was a familiar logo. I recognized it from a ladies conference I had recently attended. At that time in my life, I seldom initiated conversation with strangers, especially when those strangers were in the middle of a conversation with someone […]


Finding the Good in a Different Kind of Thanksgiving

Friend, how does Thanksgiving look for you? For many of us, Thanksgiving looks different this year. Whether it’s the travel distance between our homes, a physical distance caused by a loved one’s passing, a choice to distance ourselves for health reasons, or an unresolved relational issue creating distance within the family. Distance seems to be […]


The Gift of Our True Father: a guest post by Jennifer Elwood

Today, I would like to introduce you to my friend, Jennifer Elwood ( Jennifer and I met in a writing critique group about a year ago. She is a few steps ahead of me in her writing journey and has taught me so much about my own. I’m excited over the release of Jennifer’s book, […]


When You Stop to Embrace the Silence

  Sometimes my mind seems closed, devoid of anything constructive, meaningful or insightful.  Mental fatigue finally catching up with physical exhaustion.  So, I dig a little deeper. I think a little harder. I ponder a little longer. Expending all of this effort in hopes of uncovering wonderful words, beautiful stories to fill this blank page.  […]



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