Better Together: Helping Friends Down the Path of Pain

Better Together

Have you heard anything?

It’s a question I’ve been asking a lot lately. It’s also a question that’s been asked of me many times the past few months. I like to think of it as a we’re-better-together kind of question. One of those checking-in-with-you, praying-for-good-news, waiting-alongside-you kind of questions. The type of question friends and family find themselves asking one another when life gets tough. 

And life, has indeed, been tough for many of us lately. 

We all have burdens to bear. Baggage to carry. Unique paths to travel.

Most of us would agree life is better when we do it together. Yet for many of us, our initial tendency is one of retreat. Keeping to ourselves. Allowing our tears to fall only in solitude. Quieting the issues troubling our hearts.

Sometimes, it simply seems easier that way. 

Easier to draw an invisible circle around ourselves, inadvertently barricading ourselves from the very thing we need.

Intimacy. Affection. Friendship.

Treasures only found when we allow others to step into the circle with us. Into the depth of our pain. Into the intensity of our struggles.  

You helping me carry my load while I help carry yours. You being present in my heartache while I sit with you in yours. Both of us standing, hand in hand. Helping one another make it down the difficult paths ahead of us. 

May we never forget. May we always remember.

We are, indeed, better together. 

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