When Abundant Life is Found in the Middle of the Lake

Abundant Life

There’s something about seeing your child in the middle of the lake all by himself that’s unnerving. Even when you’ve done all you can to prepare him.

He’s wearing his life jacket. It’s the correct size. It’s zipped and tightly clasped. It’s being used for its intended purpose. And the boat you’re riding in is circling back around to pick up both him and his knee board. It all only takes a few moments. But he’s still out there without you, his small silhouette floating along in the vastness of the water.

I didn’t expect it to feel this way. There was no hint that these feelings were about to surface, grabbing hold of my heart and making me long to grab hold of him. The time it took to turn that boat around seemed like an eternity. I could do nothing but watch and pray.

Though I felt confident his dad and I had done all we could to prepare him for this feat, I couldn’t help but feel relieved when he climbed back into the boat. Once again, he was where he should be – in the boat with those he loved; surrounded by those who also loved him.

He was not the least bit concerned about being stuck out in the water all by himself.

How was he able to undertake such an adventure? Because he knew his mom and dad would never take their eyes off of him. He knew they would never abandon him, nor would they sit idly by, expecting him to fend off danger by himself. He had been equipped with the proper tools, sufficient knowledge and the grace needed to step out of the boat and give living a try.

I couldn’t help but notice the parallel between this life lesson and the lessons I’ve learned as a follower of Christ. I’m reminded of times when God has nudged me to leap from the boat into a part of the lake that’s completely unfamiliar to me. Some of those nudgings, I followed. Others, I chose to ignore, having no idea I had cheated myself out of the abundant life I desired in Him. 

Friend, what about you? Has the time come for you to step out of your boat? Do you see that thing in the distance God is calling you to do? Can you glimpse that person He is calling you to be?

Perhaps like me, you’ve tried leaving the boat only to have the enemy whisper in your ear, “Look at you out there all alone.” Friend, let’s not buy into his tactics. Instead, let’s be confident that God will equip us to do that which He has purposed us to do.

Much like my husband and I did for our son that day on the lake, God will do for us. 

He will watch over us. He will not leave us to face the obstacles all alone. He’s more than willing, excited even, to make available to us all the tools, knowledge and grace we need.

If only we will trust Him. 

If only we will step out of our safe, comfortable places, into the life He designed for us to live.

Even when – especially when – His will lands us in the middle of the lake.

For it is often there, in the hardest spaces, we’re reminded of His goodness. And it is there we stumble upon the gift of the beautiful, abundant life only He can give us.


In what areas of life is God calling you to stretch yourself? Is He calling you to commit to something more, or to release something you’ve been holding too tightly? Could it be He is calling you to spend more time in His presence? 

What one thing can you do today to move in that direction? 

Share your thoughts with a trusted friend. Ask this friend to not only pray for you, but to also hold you accountable. 

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2 thoughts on “When Abundant Life is Found in the Middle of the Lake”

    1. Sheila Daniel

      Thank you, Becky. Isn’t it wonderful how God sprinkles little reminders all throughout our days!?!

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