What Comes to Mind When You Think of Home?

What are your first thoughts when you think of home? Do you picture yourself as a child, reliving a precious memory of years gone by? Do you explore more recent thoughts of life with your own children or others you hold dear? Or, do you fall somewhere in between?

Home. The word itself evokes a wide range of emotion for those who hear it.

Home can relate to the structure you live in, the house or city you grew up in, a special place where you feel relaxed and completely yourself. Home is all of this and so much more.

To me, home is a place where I am free to set down my guard and simply be me. Where I can walk around in my comfy clothes – pj’s here I come! It’s the place of little to no makeup. That unique place where I can lose myself in thought one moment only to find myself in deep, heartfelt conversations the next.

Home is sharing life with people who see me at my worst and love me anyway. Those who catch my house at its messiest, yet continue to come back. Those who don’t require fancy meals, table settings or a dust-free mantel… Ordinary will do just fine.

Some of these people are family. Some are dear friends. Every one of them brings to the table a feeling of home. To put it simply, their very presence resonates home to me.

But there’s another Presence in my home. And if not for that Presence, I suspect I wouldn’t truly understand the meaning of home.

Bible verses sprinkled throughout my home offer hints of this Presence and convey a subtle message to all who enter. God is present in our lives. He is present in our home. 

This displaying of scripture also serves as a daily reminder… Our choices matter to more than just the people who frequent these four walls.

There is a bigger picture. A greater purpose. And when we understand this, our lives become a beautiful silhouette of home.

Won’t you think this over with me, friend? 

What does home mean to you? What places and people create an atmosphere of home in your life? How can you share the silhouette of your home with others?




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