When Our Hearts Run Dry, 2 #throwbackthursday

“If allowed, life’s circumstances will empty us, rendering us incapable of living fully as God intended.  But if we’re paying attention, we will notice when trouble is brewing. We will recognize when our behavior indicates we are nearing empty. And then, in that moment, we realize the choice becomes ours. We decide whether or not our hearts run dry.” These are the thoughts I left you with last week.

We talked about flashing red warning signs – the ones screaming to remind us we are nearing empty. Friend, have you noticed any in your life lately? They usually show themselves in our response to what’s going on around us. Are we quick to anger? Do we become easily frustrated? Have we been tearing up over the tiniest of matters? If so, we may be seeing evidence of a heart in desperate need of refilling.

Do we ignore the warnings and continue at lightening speed, or do we slow down and receive some pick-me-up along the way?  Do we settle for life as it is, or do we resolve to make it better?

Our decision is crucial. Our choice becomes the game changer.

I believe most of us desire to live from a place of fullness. But how, sweet friends, are we to go about doing so when life is so hectic and demanding?

We become INTENTIONAL ~~

We pause, though the world spinning around us may not.

We pray, asking God to pour His love into our weary hearts, leading us into the life of abundance He desires for us. Friends, we must not skip our time with God. He is the ultimate source of fullness.

We pursue happy getaways. Yes, happiness is okay  – just make sure your happy lines up with God’s goodness.

Just for fun, here are 10 mini-getaway ideas to get you started:

  1. The absolute best getaway is one that draws us to Jesus. So, find yourself a quiet place. Prop up your feet. Open your bible. And be refreshed.
  2. Participate in a ladies’ bible study (comment below for a list of my favorites).
  3. Share a cup of coffee with a friend or two.
  4. Treat yourself to a new hair style or an outfit that makes you feel pretty.
  5. Enjoy a no-distractions date with your significant other.
  6. Snuggle with your littles and then take a nap yourself.
  7. Sit, unrushed, enjoying conversation with your aging relatives.
  8. Watch your all-time favorite chick-flick.
  9. Curl up with your most loved book series.
  10. Take a brisk walk while listening to encouraging music.

When done correctly, making time for ourselves is not a selfish act. It is nourishing.  It is you placing the oxygen mask on yourself before placing it on others. Not because you consider yourself more important, but because you know you cannot give them your best unless you are in a good place yourself.

In summary –

Pay attention! Realize you need to be refreshed.

Know yourself! Identify those little things that bring you blessing and joy.

Be intentional! Make a place for these things in the crevices of your everyday life, honoring God as you do so.

As you implement these strategies, may you find yourself empty less often; may you pour kindness, encouragement, and grace into the thirsting hearts of those around you.

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