When I Fall Down



I have my plans, I run ahead.
My day filled with important things.

No time to lose, no time for You.
No time at all, or so it seems.

I run too fast, I can’t slow down.
I never hear You when you call.

Run faster still, I lose my step.
You long to catch me as I fall.

And then I fall

I fall down. I look around.
Will you come and rescue me?

When I fall down, I look around –
But Your face I cannot see.

Lord, won’t You come and rescue me?

When I fall down…

I look above – And there You are.
A face of love.  Oh, a gentle heart.

I lift my arms. You pick me up.
You hold me tight.  How I feel Your love.

And now I know…

You saw me run. You stayed close by.
You love me still.  Oh, how loved am I!

I’ll look around and there You’ll be,
Always watching out for me.

Now I know you’re there for me.

Lord, your love has rescued me.

When I fall down…


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