If Eve Were Here

Some days I’m known as the one who messed up. Usually I place this label on myself, feeling heartbroken over harsh words I’ve spoken or insensitive actions I’ve taken. But what if my mistake is a really big one? One that people will remember? One that will go along with me into each new relationship... Continue Reading →

Joy Comes In the Morning

… Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.  Psalm 30:5b We recently celebrated the birthday of our fifth child, Trevor. Prior to Trevor’s arrival, we had been living through a season of devastating financial hardship. We felt as if we had barely made it out of a deep dark valley, leaving us... Continue Reading →

Mail.On.Mondays: Dear Jeans

Dear Jeans-that-fit-a-little-more-snug-today-than-five-weeks-ago: I will NOT allow your uncomfortable snugness to make me feel defeated.  Or to hate myself for the five-pounds I’ve put on since Thanksgiving. I will NOT throw in the towel, convinced I’m so far gone I may as well give up. I will absolutely NOT focus on my failures or run back... Continue Reading →

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