32 Years and Counting

  A loving God. A determined boy. A clueless girl. That’s how our union began. Though we had yet to utter a word to one another, he felt certain we were meant to be together. I had no clue. I simply thought he was cute and was thrilled when I learned he was interested inContinue reading “32 Years and Counting”

When the Water Gets Too Deep and Life Gets Too Hard

I felt as if I was drowning. One hard thing stacked upon another. Their combined weight threatening to thrust me so deep beneath the surface, I feared I may never reemerge. Would this boundless series of struggles ever dissipate? Days into months; months into years. Would I ever see the sun again? This sounds dramatic,Continue reading “When the Water Gets Too Deep and Life Gets Too Hard”

Loved and Special: That’s Who You Are

  I remember the day we learned of my grandson’s heart defect. Shock over the news. Grief over what may not be. Tears for this little life that would come into the world struggling with more than many of us will ever endure. Yet, we were committed to him, to giving him the very bestContinue reading “Loved and Special: That’s Who You Are”

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