When Sticking Together Makes All The Difference

We’re on a journey. A passage from one corner of life to another. Leaving behind the mindset of defeat in search of something better. For me, this journey points to better health. To victory over that which has held me captive far too long. It’s also a journey to obedience. To following the call GodContinue reading “When Sticking Together Makes All The Difference”

Living a Life of Belonging (edited & reposted) #throwbackthursday

I stood behind the heavy, dark doors wondering what awaited me on the other side. Tossing up a silent prayer, I sheepishly stepped into the crowded room. Would I recognize any of the faces staring back at me? Would I be offered a seat? Would conversations come easily or would they feel staged and awkward?Continue reading “Living a Life of Belonging (edited & reposted) #throwbackthursday”

Mail-on-Mondays: Dear Tidy Momma

Dear Tidy Momma, Last week I made my bed for the first time in probably a month, or two if I’m being honest. It looked so pretty, I almost took a picture and posted it on social media. Except I was afraid of what you might think of me, or worse, what you might say.Continue reading “Mail-on-Mondays: Dear Tidy Momma”

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