Making Room for What Truly Matters

“I need a mason jar, three bouncy balls and a bag of rice.” My husband’s words should have puzzled me, but they didn’t. He was preparing a visual for his youth group- something he has done often the past several years. My cabinets were full of mason jars; a bag of white rice lay buriedContinue reading “Making Room for What Truly Matters”

When We Feel Like Running Away (edited & reposted) #throwbackthursday

  Sometimes I feel like running away. Away from dirty dishes. Piles of laundry. Full schedules. Late nights and early mornings. Away from difficult people. From unfair expectations. From the hardest parts of my day. Yes, I sometimes wish I could escape all the not-so-fun, wearing-me-out, breaking-my-heart part of life. And I wonder, do youContinue reading “When We Feel Like Running Away (edited & reposted) #throwbackthursday”

When Our Hearts Run Dry, 2 (revised & reposted) #throwbackthursday

“If allowed, life’s circumstances will empty us, rendering us incapable of living fully as God intended.  But if we’re paying attention, we will notice when trouble is brewing. We will recognize when our behavior indicates we are nearing empty. And then, in that moment, we realize the choice becomes ours. We decide whether or notContinue reading “When Our Hearts Run Dry, 2 (revised & reposted) #throwbackthursday”

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