Scattered Pieces

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Have you ever found yourself so busy you can’t seem to slow down long enough to get things done?  The important things, that is.  The more urgent matters tend to shove themselves to the top of the list, leaving the more important, meaningful obligations clinging to the bottom, often neglected or ignored all together.

I fear that is where many of us find ourselves today: much too busy.   Running here and there, putting out this fire, stroking another, never really doing anything completely well.  If truth were told, giving one hundred percent of yourself is difficult when you’re scattered about in too many pieces, trying to take care of everything and everybody all at once.

And when you’ve exerted all your energy only to discover a large deficit in the crucial areas of your life, discouragement tends to set in.  When you have given all you can give and it’s not enough, you risk growing tired and burdened, in desperate need of a reprieve.

This is where I found myself this past weekend.  As much as I longed to see my kids play ball on Saturday, I needed more to be home that day.  So I gave myself permission to do just that.  I fought off the guilt-bug that always tries to sting me into submission, and I stayed home all day. And I worked on the essential duties that so badly begged for my attention.

But before I dove into those responsibilities, I made a decision which proved to be the best one of the day … the decision to carve out some time with God.  To ask Him to share some of His great wisdom with me.  To help me gather my thoughts.  To pick up all the scattered pieces and help me make sense of them.  To give me clarity.  Peace.  Confidence. Guidance.  Oh, how I needed these things.  Oh, how I needed Him to meet me there.

And that’s exactly what He did.  He met me in that very spot, sitting alone at my dining room table.  Not only did He show up, but He blessed what little bit of effort I could muster, and He enabled me to accomplish more than I thought possible.

Wow! To think if I had rushed into my day, on my own, as I have done so many times before —  I am quite certain I would have grown frustrated and overwhelmed long before I completed my tasks.  I am so thankful this was not the case.  And I am so thankful that when we make time for Him despite our busy schedules, He is already there waiting for us.

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