My Beloved

hand heart

You who are greatly loved.
And most dear to my heart.
It’s you I have loved from the very start.

Young though we were …
Our love was most true.
For a long time now, it’s been me and you.

You give meaning to my days.
Security to my nights.
You inspire me to not give up, to stand firm, to sit tight.

To cling to what’s good.
To let go of what’s not.
To press on through tears when it’s blessings I’ve sought.

You encourage. You support.
You gently lead the way.
Through difficulties, through hardship. I know your love remains.

And so, here we are –
Day in and day out.
Committed to one another: what marriage is about.

Good habits and bad.
Laughter and fear.
Growing and stretching: keeping God’s word near.

Loving you, my beloved.
And you loving me.
Spending life with you; no other place I’d rather be.

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