Mail.On.Mondays: Dear Jeans

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Dear Jeansthat-fit-a-little-more-snug-today-than-five-weeks-ago:

I will NOT allow your uncomfortable snugness to make me feel defeated.  Or to hate myself for the five-pounds I’ve put on since Thanksgiving.

I will NOT throw in the towel, convinced I’m so far gone I may as well give up.

I will absolutely NOT focus on my failures or run back to that much too familiar cookie jar, or sliced pumpkin pie, or white-chocolate covered pretzels, or those tasty holiday lattes. (Oops, I’m thinking my weight gain should have been no surprise.)

Okay… so I’m fully aware that my over-indulgences put me where I am today, barely fitting into my go-to pair of jeans.  But, dear jeans, I promise this is not the end of my story – or yours.  I will not throw you out or hide you at the back of my closet awaiting that one day, far into the future, when I may or may not finally fit into you again.

Instead, I will hang you front and center, reminding me each time I step into that space that I have a goal to reach.  I have good decisions to make.  And I have a pair of jeans waiting to be worn again.

So rather than rebuking you, dear jeans, despite your audacity to point out my shortcomings, I thank you.  I thank you for showing me truth, even though it hurts a bit.  For this truth – and your stubbornness to not give an inch – may prove to be just the push I needed to get back on track.  To set a plan in motion. To do what I know must be done to become a healthier me.  To begin again. Right here. Right now.

So here we go!  The clock is ticking.  And I already have a celebration in mind.  You and me, dear jeans, on a coffee date, my most favorite thing.  A very skinny latte (the sugar free, non-fat, decaf kind of skinny) coffee date.  Yes, I think that’s what we’ll do as soon as these five pounds are gone.  And maybe we’ll pick up a friend or two to join us along the way.



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