It’s Okay, Sweet Momma

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So you had a bad momma day.

Maybe you yelled at the kids. Or left one at church, thinking he rode with daddy.  Perhaps you neglected to sign the permission slip, causing your kid to miss out on the class field trip.  Or there’s that funny story you told about your teenage son, only to realize he was embarrassed – and not the least bit amused by it. Maybe your forgetfulness caused you to break a promise. Or you failed to notice that pretty yellow flower she so carefully picked for you.

If you’ve been mothering long at all, chances are you’re guilty of at least a few of these (and could add to this list with little or no effort). Truth is, as much as you love your darlings and wish to be a perfect mom, you are not perfect. Neither are the rest of us. And that’s okay.

What makes it okay is this:  you refuse to give up.

Sure, some days you want to quit. Some days you may check out, but you never completely opt out.  You pick yourself up and begin again.  As hard as it is, you keep moving. You keep changing those diapers. Wiping those noses. Correcting that sassiness. Attending those ball games, piano recitals, and band concerts. And holding on to that discipline, even though it’s sometimes tough to be tough.

I’ve watched you hug those babies, young and old alike. Your smile and tears both resonate, “they are mine”. You offer forgiveness and grace. And you love, sweet momma – oh how you love!

You search for better ways to handle that same old issue.  You determine what battles are worth fighting and which don’t really matter.  You learn to say, “I’m sorry”, modeling love and humility to your children.

You delight in teachable moments. You involve yourself.  You show up and stick it out.  You allow yourself to look ridiculously silly – all for a little laughter and a memory your kids will never forget.

You pray, and pray, and pray some more.

You do mounds of laundry and dishes. You answer tons of questions, or the same question tons of times.  You give – so much at times it’s as if you have nothing left to give.  But may I whisper something to your heart, dear lady:  it is so worth it.

When you feel you can’t do this motherhood thing anymore – step back, take a deep breath, and allow God’s word to spread grace over your weariness. This is where you plug back in, recharge, and vow again to never, ever give up.

Because you love, sweet momma – oh how you love.

And the One who loves you and called you to this task sees your efforts, knows your heart, and enables you to finish well.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Galatians 6:9

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