Glad to be Mom


“Mom, I’m so glad God made you my mom”.   Wow! Such sweet words spoken by my precious four year old son last night.  Yes, I’m well aware that he’s only four and that right now he’s pretty crazy about me.  And that one of these days he will probably not speak so freely to his mother.  But for now, he speaks these words proudly. And he means every word.  And for that, I am thankful.

I can’t help but wonder what it is that makes him so glad I’m his mom.  I wish I could truthfully say it’s because I’m such an awesome mom, that I rarely make mistakes, and that I never allow the mundane duties of my day to interfere with special times of book-reading, puzzle-working, and snuggling with him.  But the truth is, I’m not a perfect mom.

Yes, I long to be a great mother and, hopefully, I make the cut most of the time.  But there are moments -and there are days- when I fall very short and I fear this blunder or that will be the one my children never forget.  But oh, how I pray that it won’t be.

Like most moms, I am quick to recall the bad choices I’ve made during my mothering journey, but it takes a tad more effort to remember as many good things.  Why is that?  Why do we find ourselves replaying every tiny slip up while seldom noticing the beautiful successes along the way?

We desire only the best for our children so naturally, we aspire to be near-perfect, champions of a mom to them.  But regardless of your definition of a good mom, there is one thing we all want for our children. That one thing is love.

We want our children to know the depths of our love for them.  We have an urge for them to experience God’s love for themselves.  So we speak it over and over again.  We live love in front of them.  With a heart of sincerity, we own up to our mess ups.  By doing so, we prove to them love still exists, and that it can truly cover a multitude of sins.

When they’re small, when they’re big, may we never stop declaring our love for them.  May we always steer them toward the ways of God.  And may we never letup telling our children how glad we are that God chose us to be their mom.


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