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I visited one of my favorite flea markets today (which happens to be another one of my absolute best-loved things to do).  I could walk around in there for hours at a time, scouting out this and that, until I finally make a decision as to what I just can’t live without. I know some of you can relate.

Since I prefer not to pay full price for anything, bargain hunting is a must. I think of it as a treasure hunt and oh, how I enjoy the hunt! It exhilarates me to come across a sweet deal such as the authentic brand new Coach purse my daughter found for a meager $15.00 a few months ago.  Or the dainty little vanity table that sits perfectly in my youngest daughter’s bedroom. Or the portable basketball goal that all my boys (despite their age) have enjoyed.  

And picture frames galore!  Some fancy, some cute, some fun, some plain and simple.  All inexpensive, great finds for someone like me who is attempting to create a wall collage capturing the darling faces of some much-loved people. Now to only get them added to the wall… a daunting task, but exciting just the same.

Of course, not all my good deals turn out as well as expected.  Some are not near as appealing once I arrive home with them.  Like the barstools that managed to hide their wobbliness from me, or the plastic container whose lid refused to seal tightly, or the work of art that failed miserably to coordinate with my décor. Oh goodness, what’s a girl to do?

What any true thrift shopper does. We learn from our mistakes.  We prepare for our next hunt.

Yes, next time we sit in the bar stools before purchasing them.  We snap the lids on and off to check for a proper fit prior to throwing them into our shopping carts.  We carefully consider that artwork before we decide to tote it home.  And we keep rummaging for those bargains, and celebrating when we happen upon them.

So ladies, save up a few extra dollars, throw a few close friends into the mix, and grab a cup of fancy coffee along the way.  I’d say you’re well on your way to experiencing a delightful day!

I can’t wait to see what turns up next! Perhaps we’ll run into one another at the local flea market. I’ll smile at you, you’ll smile back.  And we’ll recognize the blessings in it all. 

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  1. You know me, I love a good find! A girl’s day or night out that includes good fellowship, flea markets, and coffee is a winning combination. Consider me on standby…

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