He scooped me up, smiling mischievously. Within seconds he bolted – with me in his arms – straight into the pool. 

To some it would have been no big deal. They would have laughed it off, perhaps plotting secret revenge. But despite my longing to be that person, I am not.

Instead, the little girl inside of me cringed as insecurities began to resurface. I stepped out of the pool. Without a word, I made my way into the house dripping wet, not allowing my sobs to surface until I reached the quiet of my room. There I stood, all alone, wondering why such an innocent prank on his part threatened to leave me in such shambles.

I pondered my thoughts.  I wrestled with my feelings.  Much to my surprise, I identified the source behind my pain – the very raw emotion of not being enough. Not fun enough. Not adventurous enough. Not out-going enough. Not spontaneous enough. Not enough like the rest of my people.

Satan has been hammering me with this lie most of my life, and sadly, I’ve believed him. I wonder if you have as well. What untruth is he continually hurling in your direction? What falsehood is he pounding into your heart? What victory is he claiming over your life?

Sweet sister, we must learn to stack Satan’s lies side by side with God’s truths. They absolutely cannot measure up.  While Satan will use our weaknesses and insecurities to cripple us, God will use them to strengthen us.  And though Satan desires to use our mistakes, fears, and heartaches to ruin us, God desires to pour His grace out upon us, drawing us to Him, helping us to become the women He has called us to be.

So when you’re not certain you’re happy being you, remember it’s okay.

You are loved just as you are -flaws, quirks, and all.

And though we should always strive to be better tomorrow than today, we must never forget …

We were perfectly crafted by God himself, and …

We are enough.


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