Don’t You Worry

So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries.  Today’s trouble is enough for today.    Matthew 6:34

It seems we never cease thinking about tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that, and then the next one.  We are a driven people, always planning our next move. Whether it’s big plans such as college, career, or marriage, or it’s small plans such as what’s for dinner or what movie we’ll rent for the weekend.

Unfortunately, worry often runs alongside those plans.  Will we snag the right guy?  Will we land the perfect job?  Will we birth healthy children?  Will we encounter happiness and, if so, will it be ours for the keeping?

I can’t help but cringe a bit when I read Matthew 6:34. “Today’s trouble is enough for today.”  Yikes!  Isn’t that so very true?  I don’t know about you, but I have plenty to deal with today without fast forwarding into tomorrow.  Yet that is exactly what I tend to do.

I rush through the moments of my day, looking straight into tomorrow’s twists and turns.  Particularly when my tomorrow has the potential to terrify me.  That tomorrow which requires me to say goodbye to a precious loved one.  Or to face a risky medical procedure or tough diagnosis.  Or which bears the possibility of losing a source of income or the weariness of a strained relationship.

I don’t like those tomorrows, but sometimes they are our reality.

So how do we push through those worries and truly focus on what lies before us in the here and now? How do we spot the flowers sprinkled throughout the weeds?  The sweet blessings scattered about our lives?

The only absolute I know is this:  We must turn to the One who is acquainted with all our tomorrows. One who is never surprised or unprepared. One who is there to catch us, to carry us, to bring us through our hardest of days. One who loves us. Oh, how He loves us! One who desires to mold our anxious hearts into peace-filled vessels. One who fills us with hope that at the end of difficulty, pink flowersthere is an abundance of beautiful.

Learning to depend on someone other than yourself. Someone greater than yourself.  Learning to trust. Learning to lean. Learning to cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.

This is the key to a life filled with so much peace and joy that there is simply no room for worry in your delicate heart.  It is attainable.  It is possible.

And when that stubborn worry tries to wiggle its way back into your heart, call on your prayer warriors to stand in the gap for you.  United in prayer, we will conquer this thing called worry.  We will remind each other to count our blessings.  We will point out those hidden flowers to one another.  We will laugh together and sometimes cry together.  Yes, my friend, I’ll pray for you and you’ll pray for me.  And the worries of tomorrow will fade into peace today.

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