When Our Hearts Run Dry, 2

We decide whether or not our hearts run dry. This is the thought I left with you last week. We talked about warning signs in our lives -flashing red, reminding us we are nearing empty. These indicators typically stand out in how we respond to what is going on around us. Perhaps we are quick to anger,... Continue Reading →

When Our Hearts Run Dry

I carefully approach the aged water well. It stands alone in the midst of overgrown weeds, barely visible to passersby. Yet I am drawn to it.  My curiosity calls to me.  I question when it was last used for its intended purpose.  Is it entirely dry, empty, and worthless? Or is there more here than... Continue Reading →

Re-Thinking Our Juggle

Friends, are any of you struggling?  Battling with the ever present to do list parked within the walls of your mind?  Determined to at least occasionally look as if you have it all together? But despite your best efforts, you often come away with feelings of failure in one or more areas of your life.... Continue Reading →

Living in Denial ~ Part 2

We find ourselves in denial at various seasons of life. And whether the issue we’re battling is one we’ve brought on ourselves or one in which we had absolutely no control, denial is  common to both. Broken relationships. Trouble with the law. Abuse. Failing grades. Serious illness. Job loss. Death of a loved one. Financial... Continue Reading →

Living in Denial ~ Part 1

Somewhere along my journey, I became a little too acquainted with denial. It began several years ago when financial ruin stood hovering over me like an angry wolf.  I felt paralyzed by fear.  Fear of being unable to pay this or that bill. Fear of losing my home, vehicle, and much of everything else. Fear... Continue Reading →

When Under-Achieving Happens

  When an over-achiever (that would be me) falls prey to a season of under-achieving (that’s where I’ve found myself too often lately), it is very easy to feel like a failure.  A failure in so many areas we work so hard to perfect. For me that equates to failure as a wife, as a... Continue Reading →

Who Am I?

  I am a wife. A wife who was only a girl when she first fell in love with her high school sweetheart. A wife who loves that boy now more than she ever could have then (although that seemed impossible at the time). A wife who hopes to grow old by his side, still... Continue Reading →

Scattered Pieces

Have you ever found yourself so busy you can’t seem to slow down long enough to get things done?  The important things, that is.  The more urgent matters tend to shove themselves to the top of the list, leaving the more important, meaningful obligations clinging to the bottom, often neglected or ignored all together. I... Continue Reading →

When Overwhelmed is an Understatement

Have you ever felt so deeply buried beneath everything needing your attention that the word overwhelmed doesn’t even scratch the surface?  That’s where I am lately.  Feeling overwhelmed, overrun, over the edge. If you were to visit my home today, you may wonder about my housekeeping skills.  The kitchen is in disarray from time well... Continue Reading →

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