Standing at the Crossroad

  Up until today, I would describe my journey-to-better as exciting. I’ve eaten better – and written more – this past couple of weeks than I have in a long while. It’s felt good knowing I am finally doing something to help myself get back on track with both my eating and my call toContinue reading “Standing at the Crossroad”

When Our Hearts Run Dry, 2 (revised & reposted) #throwbackthursday

“If allowed, life’s circumstances will empty us, rendering us incapable of living fully as God intended.  But if we’re paying attention, we will notice when trouble is brewing. We will recognize when our behavior indicates we are nearing empty. And then, in that moment, we realize the choice becomes ours. We decide whether or notContinue reading “When Our Hearts Run Dry, 2 (revised & reposted) #throwbackthursday”

Everyday is a Gift

The house, noiseless. The room, dimly lit by a single table-top lamp. Throughout our home, everyone is resting comfortably, unmindful of anything but the hush of the night. All is as it should be – a seemingly quiet, peaceful night. I hold a precious baby girl in my arms as she sleeps soundly on myContinue reading “Everyday is a Gift”

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