Are You Thankful?

“God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today.  Have you used one to say, ‘Thank you’”?  – William Wardsingle flower

Most nights we rally our children together, each of us sharing our “thankfuls” — the one thing we’re most thankful for that day. I must confess this is not something we’ve always done.  In fact, we introduced this routine of thankfulness only a few short months ago.   It has been an excellent addition to our family prayer time, so much so that I regret having not started it sooner.

Our youngest child especially loves this time.  He thinks hard about his day before deciding what one part has made him the most thankful.  We are often pleasantly surprised at what he comes up with, and consider ourselves beyond blessed to be privy to what our children hold as the dearest piece of their day.

Some of our thankfuls may appear small, casual, or seemingly unimportant. They may include a sudden stop for ice cream or a much needed cup of fancy coffee.  These are small-scale, yes, but we are blessed by them just the same.  Some are much bigger and more important.  Those such as our sweet grand baby recovering from a major surgery and finally arriving home after a two-month hospital stay. Yes, that’s one of those huge thankfuls that is difficult to wrap into words.

But whether trivial or magnificent, it is crucial that we recognize and reflect on these happenings before turning in each night.  We must push ourselves to consider all that has occurred, and to hunt diligently for something we can be grateful for.  We need to realize that even on the most difficult days, there is always goodness lingering about, hoping to be discovered.

What a beautiful concept!  What a wonderful way to close out each day.  And what better way to live a life full of meaning and purpose than to live daily with a heart filled to the brim with thankfulness.

Thankfulness.  Appreciation. Gratitude.

So tell me, friend, what are you appreciative of today?  Does your answer come quickly, or is it tough to find?  If you’re having problems pinning it down, don’t give up the search. It may be buried deep beneath the day’s troubles, but I promise you, it is there. Pursue your hidden gem.  Refuse to say goodnight until you have settled on the one thing you can be thankful for today.  And don’t stop there.  Continue your quest, day in and day out, and you will also encounter the sweetness of life where thankfulness abounds.

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