And So I Pray

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I’m praying for a friend. Actually for a few friends. Friends who are going up against difficult assignments. Friends who so desperately long for a definitive answer from God, but all that’s heard clearly is His instruction to wait. Or to reach out, to be available to others, regardless of the outcome.

What a challenging place to find yourself. Yet I have friends who are there, in the midst of it, plugging along while awaiting clarity and direction from the Lord.

And all I can do is pray.

It feels as if my hands are tied. I can’t fix things, nor can I step into their place. I can’t make things happen as I think they should. I can’t remove their fear or eliminate their worries. I don’t have the answers they so badly crave.

But I can pray.

And so I pray. What I begin to realize is that in reality this is exactly what these friends need from me.

You see when the only thing I can do is pray, I find myself in the delicate position of trusting my friends, whatever their situation, to God. Believing that God sees every tear, knows the tension welling up in each heart, and is very much aware of every single need. I can confidently carry my sweet friends’ burdens to Jesus, fully trusting Him to listen, to answer, and to love my friends through whatever their future brings.

And therein lies the most powerful, magnificent thing of all. Because it is there that Jesus begins to work it all out, to replace their fear, anxiety, and worries with a lovely peace. To reveal to them, in His perfect timing, snippets of His wonderful plan for their lives. To give them the answers they so diligently seek. To show them He has been there all along, and that He loves each of them so very much.

Yes, prayer is such a beautiful gift – for these special friends; for every friend who has an unmet need; for me as well. When we earnestly, sincerely, and humbly approach God on behalf of those precious people around us, blessings are sure to follow. Needs will be met. Hearts will be touched. Lives will be changed. If only we will pray.

And so I pray.

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