A Time for Silence


Some days I have no idea what to write.  I find myself at a loss for words.  My mind seems closed off, void of anything constructive, or meaningful, or insightful.  Perhaps my mind is as tired as my body no doubt is.  So I dig a little deeper, think a little harder, ponder a little longer, hoping to uncover some wonderful something to fill up this blank page.  And yet the silence feels so refreshing. 

Sometimes silence is exactly what I need. 

Like the stillness in my house during the early morning hours.  If I listen closely, I can hear the wall clock ticking, the birds outside my window singing cheerfully, and occasionally another early riser driving down my dark, sleepy street.  I love those quiet morning hours (especially when I invite God to join me there) and the calmness and peace they bring me.

Like the roar of the ocean as I sit within its reach.  Although it’s noisy, it’s a good kind of noise. One that blocks off all other sounds that try to compete with it.   It mutes the chatter of other beach-goers; nearby traffic is completely muffled; even my normal thoughts of things-I-should-be-doing are hushed within me.  Over the howling wind and the smashing waves, somehow I hear the silence. I find rest in it. Truly amazing and delightful rest.  And I soak it in, never wanting to leave.

Like time spent with a best friend.  When you’re so comfortable with him or her that wordless moments are okay. The silence is not awkward. Your mind is not racing to keep the conversation alive.  Instead, it’s simply enough to be together.  Relaxed in one another’s presence.  Free to be yourself.  Free to be silent.  There is no lovelier place to be.

Today, I will embrace whatever silence I can wrap myself around. I will awaken a little earlier.  I will think about my last visit to the beach.  I will plan some alone time with my most special person.   And I will enjoy every tiny speck of silence I encounter.  For in that silence, I become the very best me …. a calm, peaceful, relaxed, refreshed me. 

Where, my friend, does your silence hide? How long has it been since you’ve paid it a visit?  If you’re frazzled, tired, or anxious, then it’s probably about time to force it out of hiding.  And as you do, may you also discover blessings within the silence. 


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