A Poem About Life


Deep in thought as I sit,
Pondering this life as it is.

It’s often not easy; sometimes not fun.
Yet it’s what we must do until our time here is done.

I wake up each morning, head into my day.
May I never rush on without taking time to pray.

So many decisions lie waiting for me.
How will I choose rightly if Him I do not seek?

So I spend time with Him as my day begins,
And I keep right on with Him until it’s at its end.

I pray for my husband as he guides our way.
I pray for my children, that they will not be led astray.

I pray for extended family, and for my friends too.
For those who are sick; for those who know not what they do.

For my church family, those we are called to serve.
May I point them to Christ with each action and word.

May I never forget what He has done for me.
May I always remember it’s His grace that sets me free.

I am not worthy. I am not good.
I am sometimes broken, other times misunderstood.

Yet I am here, day in and day out.
A vessel for Him, with a message to shout.

A loud voice, no, but a voice just the same.
Telling others of His love, speaking His name.

Still deep in thought of what is to come;
Of life after this…  A victory won.

Beauty. Delight. Days filled with peace.
Like a perfect vacation.  A day at the beach.

No worries. No sickness. No more goodbyes.
That’s what awaits us when we meet in the sky.

So in little ways and big may I reflect His love,
Because when this life is over, it has really just begun.


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