A Life Worth Living


I’m at a loss for words. I long to speak, but what words can be spoken when there seem to be none? When your mind is as void as the paper sitting before you?

You force yourself to lift the pen, wrap your fingers around it, and position it just right to enable the words to spill onto the paper. The weight of it in your hand, almost unbearable. The pressure to produce words to flow onto an empty page, from a mind that feels just as empty.

Where did all the words go?

Did they sit idle too long, never again to resurface? Isn’t that what we fear most? Losing the ability to express ourselves, becoming comfortable with silence. Keeping our words bottled up, hidden deeply within – so deep we cannot find and free them.

I search half-heartedly. I give up easily, missing opportunities to share my experiences. Somehow satisfied with keeping to myself the beautiful light I’ve found. It’s safer that way. But in the safety and ease of aloneness, there crouches the danger of nothingness. No purpose, no meaning, no seeking what good may come from my difficulties.

There is no community in that place of alone. There is no looking out for the other person. There is no sharing my pain to ease someone else’s struggle. There is only me, alone in my brokenness, and you, alone in yours – unless we find the words we’ve lost.

Words that breathe life back into the darkest of places, words that create oneness – that remind us we are not alone. Words that speak of victory over struggle, sunshine over rain. Words that encourage us to never give up.

These are the words worthy of the wait as we pursue them; worthy of the effort we expend stringing them together; worthy of the prayerful attention bestowed on them before sharing them with others.

Sincere, kind, encouraging words capable of bringing healing and hope to hearts all around.

Lost words finally found. Finally free. Finally flowing. Cast from deep within us to deep within others.

Creating a community…

A life filled with purpose and meaning. 

A life invested in others.

A life worth living.

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