28 Years and Counting

This day marks 28 years of marriage to my high school sweetheart. At only 14 and 16, we began our adventure of “going steady”.  I was too young to date so most of our time together consisted of dinners with his family or mine, or hanging out at church and during youth events.

He says he knew we would marry even before we spoke  the first time. I had no clue. I simply thought he was cute and was thrilled when I learned he was interested in me.

I didn’t know Jesus at the time, and had never prayed over my future, especially not anything concerning a boy.

But then there’s God.

God knew I would need a good Christian boy in my life, and he knew that boy would need me too.  That boy caused me to want to be at church all the time, not just occasionally.  Because of my presence at church and being surrounded by godly people, I found Jesus. Isn’t it awesome how God can use a cute boy to lead a clueless girl to Him?   I’m so thankful!

And here we are today. It’s not always been an easy journey.  Along the way, we’ve suffered the loss of jobs, material possessions, and financial security, the passing of family and friends dear to our hearts, a miscarriage, health scares, heartbreak and disappointments.  But through it all, we’ve been committed to one another, and we’ve seen firsthand how God has worked in our lives, and in our marriage.  And we are thankful.

I am so grateful to have found the love of my life at such a young age …  to have experienced this life with him by my side, leading the way when I would rather run and hide. He has been a wonderful match for me, despite the fact that we are complete opposites in so many ways.   He has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone on many occasions.   He has encouraged, supported, loved, and provided for me through it all.

And to my honey… Thank you for all you do. For who you are. For always being there for me. For loving me unconditionally. For being the wonderful husband and father that you are. For choosing to share this life with me so many years ago.  For still choosing me today. I love you! Happy Anniversary ❤️

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